Current Graduate Students

Lisa Kennedy (Ph.D. candidate) comes from the avian physiology lab at Western University, where she studied migration strategies of migrating passerines. She is now working on the stress responses of arctic-breeding shorebirds as a result of disturbance and interference by sympatric arctic goose populations. She is being co-supervised by Dr. Paul Smith, Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Richard Huang (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting his M.Sc. on ecosystem dynamics in the sub-arctic, working with Dr. Glen Brown and me in Polar Bear Provincial Park, Ontario. Dr. Brown is a research scientist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF). Richard is a graduate of Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Callie Stirling (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting her M.Sc. on using drones to characterize shorebird breeding habitats in the sub-arctic of Polar Bear Provincial Park. She is also co-supervised by Dr. Glen Brown. She is a graduate of University of Waterloo.

Ben Walters (Ph.D. candidate) is conducting his degree on the effects of snow and soil moisture on ecosystem responses in the Oak Ridges Moraine. He is a Trent University graduate and is conducting his Ph.D. work part-time while he works at Fleming College.

Sarah Bonnett (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting her M.Sc. on the impacts of elevation on densities, reproductive success and provisioning rates in arctic passerines. Her field work is based out of the Agnico-Eagle Mine in central Nunavut. She is a Trent University graduate.

Andrew Brown (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting his M.Sc. on population dynamics of Semipalmated Plovers using data from the long-term study of this species in Churchill, MB. He is a Trent University graduate.

Olivia Maillet (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting her M.Sc. on the consequences of breeding behaviour to the migration biology of two poorly-known shorebirds: the Short-billed Dowitcher and the Stilt Sandpiper.

Court Brown (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting his M.Sc. on the biology of the Lesser Yellowlegs. He is trying to determine whether factors on the breeding grounds of this species might be responsible for its steep decline in abundance.

Anne Blondin (M.Sc. candidate) is conducting her M.Sc. on the stopover ecology of shorebirds migrating through the Pacific region of Canada, including Delta, BC. and Pacific Rim National Park. She is working with Environment and Climate Change Canada (Scott Flemming and Mark Drever) and Parks Canada (Yuri Zharikov).

Lyn Brown (Ph.D. candidate) is conducting her thesis work on the population biology of the American Oystercatcher in coastal Virginia. She is working in collaboration with the USFWS at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, where the species has very low productivity. She is attempting to find out why.